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What IS the Essex Sisters Companion Guide, exactly?

​​​​​​New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James and Super fan Jody Gayle come together to offer this engaging companion guide about the scintillating world of the Essex Sisters.  The Companion includes not only Eloisa’s original notes about each book and her “extra” chapters, but essays about fascinating historical details, including period fashion designs. Explore the world of horse racing and tour the London theater scene. 

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Delve into the rich history and deep literary tradition that makes Eloisa one of the top writers of historical romance.The Companion also gives you a sneak peek at Eloisa’s newest full-length novella, “A Gentleman Never Tells”—which springs from the world of the Essex Sisters!  What will happen when one of the men who ruined an heiress’ debut by labeling her a “Wooly Breeder” (and Josie Essex a “Scottish Sausage”) decides that it’s time to make amends? 

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The Essex Sisters Companion Guide is the "behind the scenes" of the writing of the Essex Sister series,  a novella you can’t get elsewhere, as well as, essays about fashion, newspapers, gambling, theater and more.


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The Official Essex Sisters Companion Guide

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Although The Official Essex Sisters Companion Guide is a different type of book from the Era of Jane Austen series but all the stories are set in the Regency era!