Fashions in the Era of Jane Austen

"Well Done! Carefully researched with excellent illustrations. A valuable addition to the library of any author writing historical fiction. I highly recommend this book."

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Furniture After the Era of Jane Austen

"As a Janeite and lover of regency furnishings, I found this very interesting. It explains in words and pictures the names of the furnishings, their uses and some of the history behind them."

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Jane Austen cleverly used furniture and household furnishings in her novels to create humorous, intimate, uncomfortable and even sexually charged situations. In chapter after chapter, Austen utilized furniture to craft scenes and create drama by directing her characters around the room, to and from chairs, sofas, windows, fireplaces and even the pianoforte. 

Furniture and Draperies in the Era of Jane Austen is a comprehensive source for all the illustrations published in one of the most influential periodicals of Austen’s lifetime – Ackermann's Repository of Arts

There are over a hundred exquisite illustrations which are accompanied by the original descriptions, as published more than two hundred years ago. 

Furniture and Draperies in the Era of Jane Austen covers twelve years of fashion in the Georgian and Regency periods (1809-1820). 

Interior designers, researchers, authors, and Regency lovers will all treasure these authentic examples of furniture and draperies in the era of Jane Austen. 

* This book is best viewed in the paperback version and includes a full color illustration on nearly every page 

Furniture and Draperies in the Era of Jane Austen

Furniture of the Era of Jane Austen
Fashions in the Era of Jane Austen
Fashions After the Era of Jane Austen

The Era of Jane Austen Series

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