Fashions in the Era of Jane Austen

I'm a mother, high school business teacher and writer.  I love spending time playing video games with my son (actually doing anything with my son is heaven).  I enjoy reading Regency era and science fiction romance novels. I revel in discovering adventure...adore traveling.... I spend my time trying to learn and broaden my mind.  My biggest dream right now is for my son and I to live in another country for least a year.

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A little about me...

JODY GAYLE, bestselling author and researcher, likens her work to that of a literary archaeologist rather than a traditional author. She is dedicated to unearthing publications of the past, and sharing these long-forgotten books... the jewels and riches of the written word. She has uncovered tens of thousands of old publications from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and wants to bring them to life, and send her readers traveling back in time.

About Jody... 

* She grew up on a farm in a small town of about 500 people and first learned to drive on a tractor. She can milk a cow as easily as pluck a chicken. 

* Stood within twenty feet of the first node of the International Space Station. Unfortunately, her feet were firmly planted on the earth at the time. 

* Has gone whitewater rafting and horseback riding in the mountains of Montana. She has swum with dolphins and sharks, and refueled a fighter jet in the sky on an Air Force KC135. She is a bit of an adventurer. 

* Jody and her son share the same birthday -- New Year's Day!

She loves to hear from her readers. Visit her website and Facebook page.